image MPP BCS-V


sealing machine

The MPP sealing machine is able to produce a pouch with a central fin seal from a single reel.
This line is able to process all PP or PE based laminated films, both neutral and printed Al/Pet laminates, offering high performance and reliability also thanks to some exclusive (patented) systems.
The possibility of constantly upgrading the existing structure with new options makes the MPP a machine that is always ready for new market requirements. Possibility of adapting various accessories including the valve applicator.


  • able to process all PP or PE based laminated films

Technical Characteristics

Technical Characteristics
Maximum film strip width940 mm
Maximum roll diameter1000 mm
Minimum pouch size60 x 150 mm
Maximum pouch size220 x 640 mm
Gusset depth max60 mm
Maximum mechanical speed200 cycles/min
Maximum film speed60 mt/min
Installed power25 Kw
Compressed air consumption600 lit/min