image Dimatic ETH 101

Dimatic ETH 101

Multi-purpose welding machine

Multi-purpose welding machine for the production of all types of bags with lateral wire seal, double shop- ping bag-type seal, vacuum seal, bottom seal with cold blade cut, flying-knife type.

The machine can process any type of material in one or more lanes. Particularly designed and engineered for ease of operation and quick job changes, low maintenance and optimisation of productivity.

The Minimatic 600 version is available for bags with a minimum length of 35 mm.

A wide range of accessories is available:

  • Hot stamping die-cutters for round bottom for poultry packaging and gusset pre-welders (pneumatic or servo-motor driven)
  • Die-cutters for handles and European holes, with cold (tooth and/or die) and hot cuts
  • Longitudinal hot air, contact or ultrasonic welding
  • Accessories for hinge application (zip) also with tape (automatic tape insertion on request)
  • Accessories for reinforced welded “Patch” handles
  • Accessories for application of rigid plastic handles
  • 45° degree sealing unit for square bottom (pneumatic or servo-motor driven)
  • Accessories for express courier bags with document pocket, hot-melt glue coating, serial numbers, applica- tion of paper labels, etc
  • Accessories for security bags, the transport of valuables and medical specimens
  • Accessories for multi-roll bags
  • Motorised unwinding unit for removable and permanent double-sided adhesive tapes
  • Perforating bridges for folding flaps

Technical Characteristics

Technical CharacteristicsETH 101
Max width660 - 880 - 1100 - 1300 mm
Max lenght60 mm * * With Minimatic 600 model 35 mm minimum length and 380 mm maximum length
Bag max lenght 800 mm
Speed350 cycles/min (depends on the model)
Speed100 mt/min