We make machines for the production of bags and packaging

About Us

Our four brands Amutec, Mobert, SCAE and Karlville Swiss completely cover the wide range of bag packaging currently produced on the market. The In-Pack Machinery group’s story goes back to 1956. It was born out of a group of entrepreneurs’ passion and desire to find the best solutions for their clients. Our group’s name reflects our constant and continuous drive towards technological and product innovation which matches the constant evolution of materials (bio-compostable, recycled and mono-materials).

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Our Results



Machines installed
  • Machines to produce bags on roll
  • Machines to produce loose bags
  • Machines to produce wicket bags
  • Machines to produce side seal bags
  • Machines to produce pouches
  • Machines for automation


Types of producible bags
  • Bag on roll
  • Loose bag
  • Wicket bags
  • Side seal
  • Pouch


  • 2 production plants in Italy
  • 1 production plant in Switzerland

Solutions for the future

We build innovative, high-tech machinery that allows our customers to produce all kinds of bags and packaging from environmentally friendly and sustainable materials.

Why choose us for your project?

mani che si stringono

You can count on a single partner to meet most of your production requirements thanks to our wide range of bag making machines and equipment.


We provide worldwide support and a trained technical service available 24-7. We provide intelligent Industry 4.0 features such as real-time remote monitoring, machine diagnostics and a notification system.


We have always invested in innovation to find the most eco-friendly solutions. This approach means we are updated on all the latest recycling and production innovations and can come up with great solutions quickly while maintaining product quality.