image MPP BP


Automatic line for flat heat-sealed bags for vacuum

Suitable for making the following types of pouches:

  • 3-seal pouches from n.2 reels up to 6 lanes
  • Zip pouches (3-seal) with 1 lanes

The MPP machine can process all PP or PE based laminated and co-extruded films, paper/Al/Pet laminates, both neutral and printed, offering high performance and reliability thanks to some exclusive systems.

The possibility of constantly upgrading the existing structure with new options makes the MPP a machine that is always ready for new market requirements. The MPP is equipped entirely with top quality components and is fully manageable with a remote control and management system that allows you to control, individually and in real time, all the accessories installed and any machine settings.
On the MPP each accessory is servomotorised and therefore independent, with the future opportunity to upgrade the machine according to new requirements.


  • Double reel holder complete with dancer
  • Double drive unit with dancer
  • Longitudinal sealing bars
  • Longitudinal cooling bars
  • Intermediate calender
  • Longitudinal welding bars
  • Transverse cooling bars
  • Notch reading photocell
  • Transversal cutting unit
  • Industrial PC interfaced with an operator panel

Technical Characteristics

Technical Characteristics10001200
Maximum film strip width1000 mm1200 mm
Maximum roll diameter1000 mm1000 mm
Minimum pouch size80 x 75 mm80 x 75 mm
Maximum pouch size800 x 1000 mm800 x 1200 mm
Maximum mechanical speed200 cycles/min200 cycles/min
Maximum film speed60 mt/min60 mt/min
Installed power25 Kw30 Kw
Compressed air consumption600 lit/min600 lit/min