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Nastrosac Interleave

Machines for garbage bags

Specialised line for the 1 lane production of Open- Mouth bags with drawstring closure taped in a roll and pre-cut for easy tearing.
The same machine can also produce Open-Mouth bags with side or bottom seal without closing tape.

Packaging: in taped rolls with paper band insertion unit with Mobert patented fold/loop and continuous thermoregulated hot air welding. Nastrosac welding machine with brushless servo-motors with integrated management. N.1 Double motorised single folder.

The line is completed with a new rolling unit with 4 spindles able to guarantee 25 changes per minute at a maximum speed of 350 cycles per minute. Stabilised welding unit with double Ni-Cr plate; welding temperature approx. 30 – 40 °C. Auxiliary soldering for tape reinforcement, with independent temperature control. Closed circuit liquid cooling. Continuous sealing system with film moving at constant speed. Pre-cutting knurling unit with quick adjustment system depending on thickness and type of material incorporated in the sealing unit. Mechanical film blocking system patented by Mobert.

Production data and bag length digitally set on monitor with possibility to store production “recipes”. This allows the type of processing to be changed quickly by recalling the previously stored data set at the touch of a button.
Automatic taping machine to seal the rolls with gummed paper. Conveyor belt for roll extraction. Computerised electronic management of the entire production cycle. General control of the main causes of stoppages with instructions displayed on the control monitor.


  • Single-strip line for the production of Open- Mouth bags with drawstring closure
  • Packaging: rolls with pre-cut for tearing and taped with paper band
  • Patented lip folding system
  • 4-spindle automatic winder for continuous operation at high production speeds

Technical Characteristics

Technical CharacteristicsNastrosac 110 E / 4MNastrosac 130 E / 4M
Min/max bag width - Nastrosac250/900 mm250/900 mm
Min/max bag width - Open-Mouth200/1100 mm200/1300 mm
Min/max bag length - Nastrosac400/1050 mm400/1250 mm
Min/max bag length - Open-Mouth250/1500 mm400/1250 mm
Minimum film thickness (HPDE)0.010 mm0.010 mm
Maximum film thickness (LPDE)0.050 mm0.050 mm
Maximum mechanical speed300 cycles/min280 cycles/min
Maximum film speed150 mt/min150 mt/min
Maximum roll diameter120 mm120 mm
Min/max roll width150/350 mm150/400 mm
Total power consumption20 Kw24 Kw
Compressed air consumption1200 lit/min1200 lit/min