image TSA-D-CA-P 1340

TSA-D-CA-P 1340

Fruit & vegetables bag making machines

High speed automatic sealing machine (up to 500 cycles/min) for the production of small and medium sized bags starts from large sized reels wrapped on plastic or cardboard cores that can be divided into various lanes (up to 8) with the aid of cutter/sealer blades. Its fully automatic “non-stop” cycle includes the cores taken from a large capacity hopper which allows an autonomy of up to 40 changes without any operator intervention as well as the automatic unloading of the finished reels onto a special collection table or conveyor belt.

The machine can also be equipped with a multi-stage balloon filler for the production of gusseted bags and with a unit with single-folding triangles and reversing bars for the production of star seal bags.


  • Modular machine
  • 500 strokes per minute
  • Up to 8 lanes for flat or gusseted bags
  • Wrapped on cardboard or plastic core


Technical CharacteristicsFormat 1340
Master reel width1840 mm
Number of tracksMax 8
Minimum material thickness2x6 μ
Maximum material thickness2x50 μ
Minimum length100 mm
Maximum lengthillimitata
Maximum speed (m /min)180 (m. / min.)
Maximum speed (cycles /min)500 (cycles/min)
Maximum roll diameter240 mm