image TSA-D-Roller 1380/1840

TSA-D-Roller 1380/1840

Machines for garbage bags

Machine model suitable for the production of bags with bottom, side or coreless seals in one or two lanes from flat or gusseted reels.

The machine is designed to operate from two separate reels using the double unwinder model, from a single reel divided into two separate tracks by means of the cut/seal accessory or from a central cutter in the case of anti-drip bag production.

“Non-stop” automatic changeover system with roll wrapped with adhesive paper labels and collection of finished rolls by means of conveyor belt.
Possibility of equipping the machines with a reel guide, cutter/welding blade, side and/or central cutters, air balloon filler, raffia inserter, binding applicator for closure as well as folding units for the formation of bags with a round bottom (star bottom seal).


  • Production of bottom or side-seal bags (anti-drip)
  • Rolls without inner core
  • Automatic "non-stop" changeover
  • Automatic labelling of finished rolls

Technical Characteristics

Technical CharacteristicsFormat 1380Format 1640Format 1840
Min. material width200 mm200 mm200mm
Max. material width1300 mm1600 mm1800mm
Minimum bag length200 mm200 mm200mm
Maximum bag length50.000 mm50.000 mm50.000 mm
Minimum weldable thickness2x8 μm2x8 μm2x8 μm
Maximum weldable thickness4x80 μm2x80 μm4x80 μm
Maximum cadence300/min250/min240/min
Maximum linear speed180 m/min180 m/min180m/min
Maximum roll diameter120 mm120 mm120 mm
Minimum roll width100 mm100 mm100 mm
Maximum roll width440 mm440 mm440/510 mm
Maximum number of changes22/min22/min22/min