image TSA-D-SHS 1300

TSA-D-SHS 1300

Machines for garbage bags

The TSA-D-SHS model, designed mainly for the production of bags with closing tape or drawstrings, uses numerous innovative systems that allow this machine to achieve high performance in production while also simplifying its use in terms of adjustments and maintenance.

The peripheral unwinder with a vertical dancer with high accumulation capacity allows the use of large diameter reels and an accurate braking control even in cases of rapid stop.
The additional folding and inserting module including the automatic ‘non-stop’ changeover of the string forming reel avoids machine downtime with obvious production advantages.

The innovative (patented) channel sealing system in which the strings are inserted with intermittent segmented sealing bars at a constant temperature (not the hot air system) to allow any air that may form in the channels to escape, while at the same time considerably increasing the vertical tensile strength of the bags.

The sealing module with two separate sealing bars allows the machine to reach a rate of over 350 bags/min.
The triangle group of single folders with an automatic edge guiding system allows all possible folding combinations to be made in order to always obtain the required roll width.

Finally, the finished rolls, automatically labelled with an adhesive paper band, can be conveyed to the automatic boxing line (forming of cardboard boxes, filling, closing of the boxes and palletising), making the TSA-D-SHS machine unique on the market in terms of both production and technological solutions.


  • Closing tape or drawstrings bag
  • Simplified operation in terms of adjustments and maintenance
  • Automatic "non-stop" reel change
  • Channel welding system (patented)
  • Speed of more than 350 bags/min

Technical Characteristics

Technical CharacteristicsFormat 1300
Cycles per minute350/min
Minimum film2x10 μ
Maximum film2x70 μ
Minimum bag length300 mm
Maximum width1500 mm
Minimum roll width150 mm
Maximum rewindable diameter110 mm
Maximum number of changes25/min