image TSA-RA 1240/1640

TSA-RA 1240/1640

Reel to reel with automatic changeover

The TSA-RA machine series is designed for high performance reel to reel operation for low/medium thicknesses with automatic “non-stop” changeover, high capacity spindle feed hopper and a lift for unloading finished reels.
The machine is equipped with an automatic material tension control system to prevent excessive tension on the still hot seals from stretching the material causing a weakening of the seal or the rupture of the material. Reel guide on the winding unit to ensure the correct alignment of the edge of the reels, control of the winding tension by means of a pneumatically adjustable dancer according to the thickness and width of the material being produced.

The TSA-RA series allows the production of various types of bags, such as bags with bottom seal, side seal (double seal with a pre-cut in the middle, Shopping bag type). They also allow the installation of accessories for the production of car seat cover bags, lateral cuts, continuous perforators, air balloon fillers, triangle monofolders, angular folding seams, 45° corner seals as well as other special applications based on customer requirements, e.g. preformed bags for automatic packaging machines.


  • High-performance reel-to-reel machine
  • Winder with automatic "non-stop" changeover
  • Bottom or double seal (Shopping bag type)
  • High capacity spindle feed hopper

Technical Characteristics

Technical CharacteristicsFormat 1240Format 1640
Cycles per minute300250
Maximum linear speed180 m/min180 m/min
Minimum thickness2x10 μ2x10 μ
Maximum thickness4x120 μ4x120 μ
Minimum bag length150 mm150 mm
Maximum width1000 mt1000 mt
Maximum rewindable diameter380 mm380 mm