image TSA-SHA 840/1240

TSA-SHA 840/1240

Fruit & vegetables bag making machines

Automatic high speed welding machine for the production of bags with handles (shopping bags) with 3/4 lanes from a large reel that can be divided into various lanes with the aid of cutting/sealing blades, blown and die-cut with scrap removal by means of a suction system to be wound onto plastic or cardboard cores on fully automatic continuous cycle including the insertion of the cores taken from a large capacity hopper which allows an autonomy of up to 40 changes without operator intervention. Automatic unloading of finished reels onto a collection table or conveyor belt.

The machine can also be equipped with a unit with single folding triangles and reversing bars for the production of star seal bags as well as with a bottom sealing bar to be used for the production of handle-less bags, both flat and gusseted.


  • "Non-stop" automatic rewinder
  • Production of bags with handle (shopping bag type)
  • Bottom or round bottom seal (star seal bottom bag type)
  • Wrapped on cardboard core


Technical CharacteristicsFormat 1240Format 1640
Master reel width1200 mm1640 mm
Number of tracks2/33/4
Minimum material thickness2x6 μ2x6 μ
Maximum material thickness2x80 μ2x80 μ
Minimum length50 mm50 mm
Maximum lengthillimitataillimitata
Maximum speed (m. / min)150 (m. / min.)150 (m. / min.)
Maximum speed (cycles / min)300300
Cardboard / plastic core diameter30 standard30 standard
Maximum roll diameter240 mm240 mm