image Flexa – Garbage bag

Flexa – Garbage bag

Automatic carton shaper complete with bottom taping machine

Automatic product wrapping station configured to handle plastic rolls for food preservation and trash bags.

It can be completed with an automatic carton closing system. Motorised belt to connect the packaging machine and the FLEXA case packer.
The layout varies according to customer requirements and available space.

Structure, low-friction 304 mm acetal slat conveyor, adjustable side containment panels, adjustable feet and motorised drive with inverter-controlled gear motor.
Worktop height: 900 +/- 50 mm.


  • BOX DIMENSIONS A: MIN 300 mm - MAX 500 mm B: MIN 150 mm - MAX 320 mm H: MIN 150 mm - MAX 250 mm
  • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS A: MIN 110 mm - MAX 190 mm DIAMETER (Machine entry face): MIN 35 mm - MAX 80 mm
  • WORKABLE MATERIAL cardboard thickness 3-5mm
  • END RESULT American box or Display box formed and closed on the underside with adhesive tape.

Technical Characteristics

Technical CharacteristicsSemi-automaticAutomatic
Product dimensionsMIN (mm) - MAX (mm)MIN (mm) - MAX (mm)
Diameter (Front of machine entry)35 - 8035 - 80
Lenght110 - 190110 - 190
Box SizeMIN (mm) - MAX (mm)MIN (mm) - MAX (mm)
A (Lenght)300 - 500300 - 500
B (width)150 - 320150 - 320
C (depth)150 - 250150 - 250
Workable materialBox with 3-5 mm thicknessBox with 3-5 mm thickness
Final resultAmerican or Display box formed and closed at the bottom with adhesive tapeAmerican or Display box formed and closed at the bottom with adhesive tape
Max. speed60 products input/minute60 products input/minute
Max. speed Pick&Place product layer pick-up and deposit)10 cycles/minute10 cycles/minute
Available optionsSemi-automaticAutomatic
Vision system with non-conforming product rejection system
Automatic carton closing and taping with adhesive tape
External adhesive label applicator/spreader