image BPA – BN 1380/1640

BPA – BN 1380/1640

Bottom seal bags

Automatic welding machine for the production of bottom seal bags, synchronisation and tension control by means of brushless servo-motors managed by a custom software, functions controlled by means of a touch-screen operator panel, single or double track reel holder unit with hydraulic lift to pick up the reels from the ground, also available without internal shaft (shaft-less version). Needle stacking system with mobile lower support driven by independent brushless servo-motor, including the welding system to form the clamped bundles.

Collecting table with grippers and automatic folder (2 or 4 times the length of the bags) and accumulation belt for the finished bundles, with programmable advancement. Die-cutting unit with servo-motor (mounted on the collecting table), for transversal pre-cutting unit complete with perforators to create the hooking holes; each unit is transversally adjustable according to the format and number of tracks to be produced.

The BPA-BN machine series also includes a wide range of extra functionalities:

  • A cutting/sealing unit with nickel-chrome blades with individual temperature control by means of an integrated thermocouple and electronic thermoregulators
  • Centring reel guide
  • Air balloon filler with an independent motorisation and synchronised with the speed of the sealing machine by means of its own dancer, bean die cutting unit, stacked bag clamping system by means of hot punches for the production of bags with hooks, transversally adjustable according to the number of lanes to be produced
  • Hydraulic lift and axial unwinding device with variable speed motor-controlled unwinding, controlled by its own dancer
  • Continuous perforator working synchronously with the sealing bar, single or double lane accessories to making bags with seals, and to make bags with 45° corner seal


  • "Brushless" servomotors
  • Control of touch-screen functions screen
  • Needle stacking system with movable lower support

Technical Characteristics

Technical CharacteristicsFormat 1380Format 1640
Max. material width1300mm1600mm
Minimum bag length (multi-track)250mm250mm
Maximum bag length2000 / 2500 mm2000 / 2500 mm
Minimum weldable thickness2 x 6 μ2 x 6 μ
Maximum weldable thickness4 x 125 μ4 x 125 μ
Maximum linear speed160 m/min150 m/min
Maximum cadence200 strokes/min190 strokes/min