image BPA-F-E 1640

BPA-F-E 1640

High-speed automatic welding machine for the production of bottom seal bags

Servo driven sealing system for dwell time adjustment on fly, main draw and second draw roller system to achieve a controlled web tension, servo flying knife, double servo clamping collection system without needles and double folding with automatic positioning. All production parameters can be stored and recalled.

This versatile machine can also be used for the production of various and special products by installing additional optionals and modules.

Additional optionals and modules:

  • Box/carton liner with attachment for manual or automatic bag placing
  • Square bottom sealing device (1 and 2 tracks)
  • Blocking device and suspension holes
  • Slit seal and side gusset former
  • Bottom seal bar with nickel chrome wires
  • Automatic system to stack the bundles with progressive lowering of the collection table in order to get the correct alignment of the bags
  • Collection table with automatic plier

Technical Characteristics

Technical CharacteristicsStandard modelWith corner seal
Maximum material width 1600 mm1600 mm
Minimum bags length 300 mm 400 mm
Maximum bags length2000 mm2000 mm
Minimum material thickness2 x 15 µm 2 x 15 µm
Maximum material thickness4 x 100 µm4 x 100 µm
Maximum gusset depth 200200
Maximum cycling speed170 cycles/min 150 cycles/min
Maximum linear speed150 m/min 150 m/min