image BPA – FF – S 900

BPA – FF – S 900

Bottom seal industrial bags

Automatic welding machine (patented) for the production of bags with bottom seal, synchronisation and tension control by means of brushless servomotors managed by custom software, functions controlled by touch-screen operator panel, reel-holding unit with one or two reels with hydraulic lift to grip the reels on the ground, also available without internal shaft (shaft-less version).

Bag stacking by means of a double presser system without needles, gripper collection table which, depending on the length of the bags and production requirements, can perform transversal folding of the bags in twice their length.

In the version dedicated to industrial bags the machine is equipped with a gusset pre-welding unit, a double feeding roller in electric axis to prevent the pre-seals from stretching and a cooling system and separation of the seals during the stacking to avoid bags from sticking to one another.


  • Bottom seal industrial bags
  • Pre-welded for thicker materials
  • Reel holder ø1450 with axial brake
  • Sealing cooling system
  • Feed from tubular and/or flat film with tubular forming accessories


Caratteristiche tecnicheFormat 900
Cycles per minute140
Maximum linear speed160 mt/min
Minimum thickness2 x 10 μ
Maximum thickness4 x 250 μ
Minimum bag length380 mm
Maximum width2.000 mt.