image Gamma 80-110-130

Gamma 80-110-130

Machines for open-mouth shopping bags

Stacking of bags in bundles. On request, equipment for the production of tear-off block bundles. Instant variation of the type of production without any change in equipment with a pre-selection from the control monitor. Film advancement with electronic system.

The machine has 3 types of production:

  1. NORMAL – Low Density 1400 mm maximum length
  2. FAST – Low Density 650 mm maximum length
  3. NON STOP – High Density 650 mm maximum length

Soldering with Ni-Cr plate controlled with liquid cooling in a closed circuit. Film clamping system patented by Mobert with self-adapting elastic clamps. Cold cutting with a toothed blade.
Exclusive Mobert system to move the sealing unit which allows an increase of the sealing time even at high speeds.
Automatically compensating rotary plate die cutter for Shopping bags with cutting incidence adjustment device that reduces the consumption of PVC discs.

PACKAGING SHAPER (Patented): this device makes it possible to obtain bundles stretched or folded in packs of up to 500 pieces according to the program- ming on the panel. Reel holder groups, weld cutters, gusseting devices and stackers are available in different versions depending on the customer’s needs.


  • Multi-purpose line for the production of Shopping and Open-Mouth bags
  • Pinless bundle formation
  • Film blocking Mobert patented system that allows instantaneous variation of the type of production without changing equipment
  • Suitable for a wide range of products, in particular for bags where pinholes are not possible
  • Unique handling system of the sealing unit with increased sealing time

Technical Characteristics

Technical CharacteristicsGamma 80Gamma 110Gamma 130
Useful welding width800 mm1100 mm1300 mm
Minimum bag length270 mm270 mm270 mm
Maximum bag length1300 mm1300 mm1300 mm
Minimum film thickness HPDE0.008 mm0.008 mm0.008 mm
Maximum film thickness LPDE0.060 mm0.060 mm0.060 mm
Maximum mechanical speed200 cycles/min200 cycles/min200 cycles/min
Maximum film speed120 mt/min120 mt/min120 mt/min
Total power consumption16 Kw17 Kw18 Kw
Compressed air consumption700 lit/min800 lit/min900 lit/min