image PL-RA 1240/2000

PL-RA 1240/2000

Automatic rewinder with in line pre cutting unit with extruder

The pre-cutting unit PL-M is designed to be used in line with extruders to allow the formation of transversal pre-cuts on the material coming from the extruder before being rewound on the collection table. Pre-cutting is carried out by a special titanium-treated steel blade whose speed self-adjusts based on the speed of the extruder. The rotating blade and the contrast, driven by brushless servo-motors, move synchronously based on the feed’s speed and the set length. The same operating principle is used in the PL-RA model for both in-line operation with extruder and from reel to reel.

In the RA version the pre-cutting unit is inserted in the structure of an automatic winder with spindle feeding from a high capacity hopper, operating in a continuous “non-stop” cycle with automatic unloading of the finished reels. For the reel-to-reel version there is a peripheral unwinder with hydraulic lift to take the reels to the ground. If the width of the finished reels has to be reduced, the machine can be equipped with a single folding triangle.


  • Production of blanks of various lengths
  • Winding on plastic or cardboard cores with automatic changeover cycle
  • Automatic in-line reel change

Technical Characteristics

Technical Characteristics PL-RAFormat 1240Format 1600Format 2000
Maximum number of changes3 /min3 /min3 /min
Minimum thickness2x10 μ2x10 μ2x10 μ
Maximum thickness4x180 μ4x180 μ4x180 μ
Minimum length200 mm200 mm200 mm
Maximum length999 mt999 mt999 mt
Minimum roll width400 mm600 mm600 mm
Maximum roll width1200 mm1600 mm2000 mm
Maximum rewindable diameter360 mm360 mm360 mm