image Roller 110/130 SHP / 6M

Roller 110/130 SHP / 6M

Fruit & vegetables bag making machines

Digitally set production data and bag length on monitor with possibility to store production “recipes”. This makes it possible to quickly change the type of processing by recalling the previously stored data set at the touch of a button. Automatic 6-spindle winder for continuous operation at high production speeds.


  • Line for production in 2 or 3 lanes
  • Automatic compensating paralleler


  • Line for production in 2 independent lanes
  • Independent track control by means of compensating dancer

Equipment for the production of rolls with cardboard core composed of:

  • Cardboard core holders with adjustable bulkheads suitable to accommodate cardboard cores with a width between 200 and 300 mm
  • Device for transferring the cardboard cores from the container to the centre of the rolling clamp. Cardboard core diameter mm 30 ± 0,10


  • Packaging: in taped rolls with paper band
  • Electronic roller sealing machine with brushless servo-motors with integrated management
  • Special anti-stretch film handling system; sealing also designed for very thin films
  • Stabilised sealing unit with Ni-Cr plate resistance to seal Shopping bags and Open Mouth bags; closed circuit liquid cooling
  • Patented die-cutting system for through-cut handles
  • Cold pre-cutting with adjustable toothed blade
  • Film clamping and raffia clamping with patented Mobert system with self-adapting elastic clamps

Technical Characteristics

Technical CharacteristicsOpen-Mouth Shopping BagShopping Bag
Number of tracks2-3 (without cardboard core) 3 (with cardboard core)3 (without cardboard core) 2 (with cardboard core)
Min. bag width150 mm (without cardboard core) 200 mm (with cardboard core)220 mm (without cardboard core) 220 mm (with cardboard core)
Maximum width420 mm (a 2 piste) 300 mm (a 3 piste)270 mm
Minimum bag length250 mm450 mm
Maximum bag length1500 mm800 mm
Maximum roll diameter110 mm110 mm
Cardboard core internal diameter30 mm30 mm
Minimum film thickness (HDPE)0,010 mm0,010 mm
Maximum film thickness (LPDE)0,060 mm0,060 mm
Maximum mechanical speed250 cycles/min250 cycles/min
Maximum film speed150 mt/min150 mt/min
Total power consumption16 Kw20 Kw
Compressed air consumption500 lit/min800 lit/min