image Palletiser: pall&play

Palletiser: pall&play

Semi-automatic machine for product packing

The system is ideal to replace manual end-of-line palletising operations that require one or more operators, cost increases, safety risks caused by heavy lifting and high load handling, and poor efficiency.

This palletiser is an extremely flexible Plug&Play system. Thanks to its very small size and ease of use, it is easy to position at the end of the line and activate to automatically manage the box palletising process.
It is equipped with an axis system and an easy and intuitive software interface. In a few simple steps, set the size of the box format and select the desired palletising pattern to start production immediately.

Thanks to a universal gripper, no mechanical settings are required, making format changes quick and intuitive.


  • PALLET SIZE 800 mm x 1200 mm (x Height 150 mm)
  • PALLETISING HEIGHT 2,150 mm product layers (2,300 mm full pallet height including 150 mm pallet height)
  • WORKABLE BOXES Length: min.200-max.600 mm Width: min.150-max.500mm (infeed front on the motorised roller conveyor) Height: min.150-max.500mm The individual box can weigh up to 20-25 kg. (The maximum weight depends on the type and quality of the box, the operating speed and the lifting system, etc.)
  • SPEED Up to 300 boxes/hour (5 cycles per minute) (Speed depends on the palletising configuration, the presence or ab- sence of flaps between the layers, the weight, size and quality of the products, the arrival rate of the products, etc.)

Technical Characteristics

Technical Characteristics
Compressed airminimum 6 Bar (approx. 15 l per cycle)
Installed powerapprox. 2.5 kW